Monday, October 29, 2012

Freedom: Embracing Self-Growth

Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of learning, knowledge, and wisdom. The Sanskrit word sara means "essence" and swa means "self." Thus Saraswati means "the essence of the self."
The truth is happiness really does lay in our own hands, as well as the pursuit of realizing of our dreams and worth. The game of life is one to be played, but we must find an opponent worthy of our stature. Don't wait for others to affirm a sense of happiness; find those who are on the same level and let go of those behind. Forgive those who are not able to meet us as companions on our journey and instead wish them well on their own. Everyone must learn at the pace that is right for them and it is not our place to judge this process, but simply be aware that our path cannot be distracted by outward chaos or uncertainties, or another's instability. Wish each disappointment well through embracing spirituality.

The more adult we grow, the more we realize that our standards of relationships must also grow. Dreams are not to be forgotten and remembering what we stand for is key to living a worthwhile and self-fulfilling life. Let go of those people and things that did not work out and no longer fit in the scope for our pursuit for self. Fear of being alone can be overwhelming, even paralyzing but we control our own state of being. Moving onwards and forward is all we can do knowing that true relationships will never go astray, instead they will continue to support and nurture our ability to continue to learn. If disappointments keeps flying through the window from outside sources, perhaps it is a sign to keep peace at bay within ourselves.The power resides within.

We can't sit there and beat ourselves up for what we had to give up, the person or moments that have passed - life has moved on and whether or not we realize it, so have we. Cherish what was, all the love felt and respect that pain is a sign to let go. Forgive no matter how hard it is. Forgiveness allows healing but also encourages a healthier state of body and mind. Don't wait for another's compassion, we must be compassionate to ourselves. We must educate ourselves to keep on moving towards our destiny.
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