Friday, October 26, 2012

Absolute Healing

Life is an endless journey that at times can seem lonely and unamusing. The more you try and understand the journey, the more you realize how much you have left to learn. Somethings don't make sense until the lesson has passed from your heart to brain. When you have something priceless dear to you in possession, you are often forced to let it go. You can't hold what is not yours to keep, but like a fool you hold on to what is gone until remembering what is there all along. You, everything else you hold dear and love. You are there. You are the one left when everything else turns to dust in the wind. Everything you possess that lives inside of you is alive, no matter how dented you are or afraid you are that you may sound like a fool. You are not a fool, you are someone worthy of love if you to have been kind enough to also give love each day without telling fibs to yourself and others. You are the truth - the path ahead is yours to take alone, seeking those friends  along the way who may lend a helping hand, a kind smile and love you unconditionally through internal weather storms and self-doubt. Look in the mirror and see you. When you forget how beautiful you are, measure your worth by knowing that each day you are trying to be your best, through the heartache, disappointment, abuse and uncertainties. If you are right within, you will be right outloud. Do not let your ego diminish your worth, don't worry about the past or the future. Live in the moment and do as you please, knowing love will find you when the time is right. She is there with you now/all along. Redeem glory, praise yourself as if you are religiously devout to yourself. If others believe in you, believe in yourself to allow the regeneration cycle to complete. Let go of those who are fake, let them go. If you were born to be brave, so be it. If you were born to lead, be a leader of change. If you were born to sing, sing with dignity. Be who you are meant to be: damaged beauty, perfect artistry of imperfection.
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