Sunday, February 1, 2009

La donna onesta

Here I am today, I am ready to create, meditate and not precipitate. Rain on me the disappointments past; I will not let them sewage my spiritual ebbs and flows of a future full of glow. Those who have been unsettled by the affection I generate, I will not hate but forgive for their need to be gone to me. I will not allow another to bury my freedom, which has finally come to me with maturity and within my immediate attention. My soul will soar to a level where it can gravitate from all the things that have eluded me, confused me, moved away from me, so far away from me. I have seen someone so broken and blue, fall from happiness to let only hurt exude. I have seen someone open a hand to kin, only to be pushed away and condemned for caring without prejudice of sin. It is quick to stretch your arm to point at another in accusation, but it seems to be second nature to all the same, hold that arm out and protect another from the mishaps of pain. I am telling you, I am as wise as an old owl, love and love alone so that you can fall away from the murky solitude that leaves you and I, him and her, us to believe that we are alone. The only way to reach a plateau of honest desire is to make it through the shadows and through the smoke of the fire. The sight of love alone. Love fearlessly, love as though you were unbreakable. If you snap, retract and bounce back.
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