Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I realize how much I have to be grateful for. If I take things for granted it's only cause I am suffering from some immediate obstacle that hurts me. I learn, I grow stronger with conviction and accepting I just need to try. What is there to lose but time, and time is not on our side long, it is at are fingertips for only a second. What I will do with my time is be thankful, remember the things that have made me feel as though I were alive in that moment, and still now, though it can grow complicated. A human heart is wax and only melts at a stroke that is kindred of itself. To see friends look at her and believe in her. Make sure she has something to say, because they actually are listening to her with the hope to hear.
She is never to lost to forget that you are here for her to grow fond of, to drink red wine with her, to make laughter with her, to allow an exchange of thoughts through processing with her. To share with her the most intimate secrets under her pillow and in her fears.
I have found friends, I have found each and one of them with my own hopes of what it is that I believe is a friend. So here I am, appreciative that even if the walls of my room seem to keep me contained from the outside, they will always keep me connected to the commitment of our together journey back home.
She picks up the mic. Her moment has come. She is scared but they are there. Their eyes are on her. At first she was wobbly with insecurity, but the moment is so temporary that she knows that her time has come. Words to a heart-earned moment.
So many come together to understand and relate to cure their loneliness. They heal her without even knowing it. She has somewhere she can hide her ridiculous thoughts of belonging happily, of everybody belonging.
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