Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Attacked

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you all have heard in the past 24 hrs, the heart of India's culture and economy, Mumbai, has been attacked by a meticulous, well-thought out series of terrorists attacks. Apparently the reasoning for these attacks is the targeting of mainly British and American foreigners.

What ever the case is for these attacks, both you and I know that despite the shield of religious martyrdom these terrorists use to further their extremists views, so far 125 innocent people are dead, and over 325 injured.

If you have not turn on your TVs to watch the destruction that has been going on for over a day, do it. Turn on your radio and listen to the testimonials of the eyewitnesses of these attacks- this is real, this is our world. Six different places have been attacked, 2 hotels, a restaurant and a train station to give example.
I just heard a man speak of how he was staying at one of these targeted areas, the Taj Hotel (one of India's finest), and how he was in the lobby when the young terrorists raided into the building. He proceeded to watch people be forced to their knees and shot in the head execution style. He also described how an elderly gentleman that was injured began to crawl towards the hotel stairs and was gunned down in a pool of his blood.

What are these people accomplishing? Why do we show such dedication towards causing so much pain and destruction, but rarely care to heal and love? OUR world has gone mad, lets face it. As much as I stay hopeful, I fear that cowardly events like this will never end.
The people who are inflicting this terror are described to look like young boys. Neither your god, or mine would send the young to do the work of obviously a grown madman.

I ask you to reach into your humanity, your compassion and send your good energy to my people. India is a place of beauty, colour and home to individuals that have build one of the most vibrant and beautiful cultures.

India is a testament to the beauty that humans can build with their own to hands. I ask you to seek this beauty in you today.

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