Sunday, November 30, 2008


I may act crazy sometimes but don’t mistake me to think that I am your fool.
So much has changed in me, and outside of me for the world to see.
I have become familiar with remembering what I am here to be; ME.
Look how things have changed, I was hustling to win the game and I realized that I forgot to maintain my own sane. It is harder to hold on being lonely with the hopes that someone better will come along, someone that could look at you and realize that they had the most precious gift in the world. I will not settle for less than my deserved best. My love and commitment is unwavering, nurturing, intelligent and it will lead you to see the true meaning of being free openly. You once did give me something I could feel, at the time it felt so real. Though you cannot take away from me, the struggle I continue to find someone who will help me to be complete.
I am not in a moment past, I am not in the future. I am present gift to my destiny as it manifests through the maturity of my breasts. Love me, or leave me, hate me, or care for me. This is who I am. I am finally happy with my relationship with me.
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