Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ring Master

I try and flick her off, but she turns me on. Such sweet, delight, delight. I lick my hands to taste her near, and she melts with such tenderness, all over my face...all over the tip of my luscious and vivid dreamscape. The longing the lusting, I can't explain. She is completely capable of making me temporarily insane. It's the way she moves, it's the way she glides across my fantasies. When I see her, she is not real, because it is not possible for her to be real. Real is flawed, she is not. Could this be real, to feel? I feel for you. I do.

I miss her, though I barely know her, I think of her. Kissing her, knowing her. Feeling her. I just wanna make love, make love to her. Feel the freeze of my heart melt when she holds me close. Feel the anxiousness of my mouth burn, when she lays her words accross my mind. Her, her voice that tranquilizes my sorrow, sorrow.
I have fallen without knowing who she really is. She inspires me.

I know I must seem like a fool. But only if you knew the things I want to do to you. Reclaim you, praise you, fame you, un-tame you.

I want to be close to you.
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