Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fighting Souljer

Into a dark space, falls the light of truth.
As one leaves, another enters with the vigor that the first, the second and the third lacked.
A smile tosses and turns, before settling into a position that realizes that life must go on. Through the withered leaves that collect at your feet, above the clouds that hide the flashes of lightning that may strike at any given time.

I would rather be lonely than sad.

Mountains rise, rivers dip. I have learned that through it all, in my heart and mind, I must learn to co-exist. I don't want to say something, or feel something without the intention of knowing that is it something I will fight for. I don't care to hustle, only to gain nothing that I can hold beyond that which is tangible. I care to give, but expect little in return-besides uncompromised respect.
A friend is all I need. Someone who makes a promise that they can keep. Someone that can hold my head up when it hangs from sorrow. Someone who wants to stay in touch with humanity and the prosperity of soul. Someone who cares for me.

I thought I knew them. I really thought I did.
I knew nothing at all until I accepted the truth. The battle does not always end in glorious victory. That does not equal defeat, but change.
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