Monday, August 25, 2008


You can only know that which you choose to learn. If you play it safe, you will never know the spontaneity which is life. Every moment if different, unless you choose to be stuck in a moment past. Move past the obstacles of yesterday to fulfill the potentials of tomorrow. Contribute to the spirit that is alive. Within your belly there lays the power to make, with your own hands, with your own mind, a masterpiece. Do not fight invisible forces that prevent you from leading a happy life. Life is too short to waste a minute, an hour, a day. Allow your creativity to flow without restrictions, and do not be dented by the rejection of others, no matter how much you are misunderstood. Your mind and heart must remain free, so as to proceed indefinitely.

I want to be the first breath you feel when you think of kindness. I want to be the last breath you appreciate before you leave me alone. I will not sink without making a ripple in the calmness of the water of the infinite mind.
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