Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm Going to Tell You About Love.....

How many times can a girl dream about emerging from a disco ball and commanding the UNIVERSE with a whip!

Ladies and gentlemen...tranis, sodomites and mediocre looking folks who have little hope of survival without good style...let me introduce myself. You may call me ThunderpussGeisha. I will be your guide through my eyes of diaspora, bitterness, insanity, uncompromising optimism and spiritual enlightmenment (yes folks, I mean smokin FATTIES). You will quickly find me to be judgemental, obscene, humourous and refreshingly intelligent. Fasen your seatbelts, wash your sex toys and deminish any concepts you have of pop culture, culture,/religion, society, sexuality and gender. This woman gonna FUNK YOU UP! My desire is simple, to make you may may disagree....but I shall push you TO THINK. Thanks to Madonna for her continual inspiration (gay men got nothing on me--YOU WISH!) To my gay husband, we are commin at them like the New Jack Swing hit the flava fan in the early 90's! BLOP BLOP! My heart belongs to you like acrilic nails did to SWV. Faithfully yours D.

.....come with me
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