Monday, August 22, 2016

Eclipsed Hearts

With belonging comes a complex stack of measures that are created to protect greed. 
Holding back communities in need of hope that their seed is worth tracing the scars of generations of spirits placed in shackles, meant to hold everyday people down even if they succeed to stay healthy. 
The North American Dream wasn't made for me or any of those who celebrate and value justice and equity. You never cared for me, and now you're realizing the implications of my survival. 
Emerging are community leaders like brave black lives who matter, announcing with integrity to the man that the oppressed can only be held down if the tolerate being played. 
This is a damaged society of racial intolerance, yet we are made in many shapes and colours, sexual expressions and each unique in presence. 
You cannot change the stars in the sky, they simply exist because they belong. 
You forgot to understand that the product of this system you made, has now come to fuck you. 
Sick of accepting that brutalization and police injustice from feeling the whip used to keep the poor feeling worthless, and far away from feeling their very best, or on days, like anyone at all. 
Obscuring the light from one celestial body through the passage of another, only reveals a source of illumination.

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