Sunday, August 21, 2016

Come Around Sometime

Dear Potential Lover. 
I write to you with the hopes of honest connection.
But I proceed with precaution. 
I want a lover who knows me
and understands how to forgive me. 
Dangerous games of affection,
playing with my mind
increases anxiety in my life.
I have seen beautiful from the start 
and eventually been diagnosed with 
a "case of a broken heart."
I will give to you everything you deserve, 
what can you give to me freely?
I have paid my dues.
Are you are duty free?
I will make love with you, 
cry with you 
without emotional hesitation.
Taste your brown skin, 
memorize your magnificent curves.
I hold the only key to my heart.
My love is mine to give away.
Will you talk to me,
even when you can't stand me?
Give me a reason to stay
real love come away with me.
Weak as a lamb,
strong as a lioness,
I will keep your secrets safe with me.
Bury yourself inside my breasts. 
You belong with me.
I am not afraid to be alone.

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