Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There once was a beautiful girl without a scorned heart. She felt every drop of imagination fall like rain between her fingertips. The world was a sea of opportunities and the roads endless in pursuit. With her heart in-hand, she followed with conviction but very little hesitation. When it came to choices, her heart often forgot to consult her mind. And that mind of hers could be as blind as a bat and stubborn as an ox. As times went on she felt the ups and downs, the loves and losses, the gains and the truth. That nothing was quite as it had seemed. That no matter where she ran, there she would be looking back at herself or she had to choose to move on. But moving on was not as easy as packing a few boxes and writing a sorry letter or two, it meant being afraid, surviving with a little help of her friends. It meant exploring women with her body and mind and being more clear about what sort of energy was welcomed. An opportunity to explore what she had ruled out, possibilities that she would have never otherwise explored. The transformation was anything but graceful, it came with loss of sleep and feelings that were terribly torn and confused. Never knowing that she would be required to be a fighter, her heart pressed on when she was able to quiet her mind. So many thoughts about what had come and gone and what may lay ahead. Her head had become a busy place. But busy was not the pace of the life she desired anymore. Some days she knew she didn't belong here anymore. There was no doubt that she was resilient, the question was how much would she have to endure? How many times would she have to rise after a fall? What was next for her to experience?

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