Saturday, August 31, 2013

Passionate Politics

Rhythm of the Sky People, Lee Claremont

What are the specifications by which successful human interactions are measured? What constitutes the right to be accepted of worthy of social space or praise? Is it a university education, a solid reputation, or perhaps the documentation of struggles as practical affirmation? What is it that we seek to connect; do all of us share some desire to belong to something other than ourselves? Is seeking a form of solving problems around us, while running away from ourselves? Really, being aware is beyond the measure of statistics or involved politics; it is also about being comfortable of who you are and for what you stand.

Humans communicate though many mischievous and limited ways. Some move through life with focus and discipline, others with heart and healing. Others don’t display any claim, but much rather hide under the disguise of limitation and prefer to look blend in. We all shine from within.

We all feel awkward sometimes. We all can feel shy and limited. The key to success is to accept that there are millions of ways to communicate; there surely can be one that would allow us to exchange. To build a more sustainable world with compassion as part of personal identity, so that the foundation of survival could depend on mutual support and offer hope beyond a report. If we can’t get it right on the inside, the world will continue to reflect millions of scattered focuses. Being happy is an active state, but so is healing ourselves to make brave. Together, we must find a way.
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