Thursday, July 18, 2013

Say My Ethnic Name!

Ok, people. Enough is enough. My first name is not Paula. My last is not Pandy. And I AM nasty! Born from my deep frustration, a little exercise for you folks who can't pronounce names that are not Peter, Paul or Mary. Mostly ethnic name are butchered by white people, but sometimes your own people jack-up your name just the same. Example: "Samuntha" - "No it's Samantha, Mom."

Just think of it this way before you say my name, say my name: what ever your instinct tells you to pronounce, ignore the hell out of it. Nor try and raise the infliction in your voice to distract me - you have basically called me a name of an 85 year old white woman. Pearl - really? Am I in 1816?

If you don't know how to say a name, ask! Bloody genius concept. When you reply to emails, stop trying to make me a Caucasian woman or a Caucasian man. My name is Parul Pandya. Learn it. Read it. Goggle it. My parents are from Africa, I am South Asian. I am born in England. I grew-up in Canada. Are you confused? Good. Say my ethnic name!!!

The kicker, how people mis-reply to emails with signatures. I even bold that ish. You can see it, say it with me - say my ethnic name!!! No, my name is not Pardeep or Manjeet, Priya or Pinkie Patel. It's Parul Pandya - say my muthaf$ckin name!!!

That's my organic Hindu beef.

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