Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cupid's Call

As Madonna says, "life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone." There are lessons that each one of us are meant to learn, as we journey through a lifetime. Being introspective is not an easy task. It is not what we are taught is important to be balanced in our everyday life. Instead we are are led to believe that self-gain and satisfaction is the name of the game. So why give all that you have, when there are no guarantees in life? All that you have is all that you are. The only way to attain true freedom is to be unafraid of showing yourself, your talents and what it is that you have come to appreciate. To stand for something you believe, to preach about what you have gone through and now you can see how people perpetually deceive, but it's for you to forgive when the time is right. There is no reason on keeping flighty energy in your life. Let go of those who left you behind, it was not you that gave up. However, neither find it intelligent to keep trying when resignation time seems like it could be right. Never beg anyone to love you, for love is much more honourable and potent when it resides within your own heart. You will never fully appreciate another until you are able to see the beauty of your imperfections and feel proud.

Each day, when you begin anew, think of all the things you have already gone through. Think about the lessons that you have the ability to welcome. Don't shy away and treat them as if they are without merit, and if you don't chose to listen, than don't claim yourself as a victim. Think about who you let into your heart, as like Cupid, you must protect the sanctity of love.
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