Friday, May 31, 2013

Growing is Knowing

Healing is the most powerful and transformative journey a person can take. When the process of healing is taken seriously and approached with the utmost respect, the results harbored are more powerful than anyone could ever expect. We fall apart in order to identify the things that no longer serve us right. When we look at ourselves with honesty and feel guilt for our mistakes, that is actually the first step to healing ourselves. However it is not noble to ignore personal mistakes, nor is it noble to hang on to past shame. What is noble is respecting one-self and remembering to take time to breath deeply and strive for better days.

Sure it stings like a bee when the image of what was thought of as love leaves us to bleed. But the thing with love is that it can only grow when the lessons life has to offer are received. Isolation is the best medicine for worthwhile contemplation. Realizing that everything needed exists inside the chest, and possession is at best a reflection of things we wish to stay, but naturally all good things come to an end no matter how much we will them to stay.

What happens when those things go astray? What happens when others move on and we are left with memories of trauma and past happiness, all within the same breath? It is never easy to balance oneself to believe that what is meant to be will be - especially when hopes are taken away by others and leave us feeling incomplete.

Each day remember those who have forever changed you and thank them silently. Breath in uncertainty and exhale potential. Never fill the heart with hate or resentment, for that is how to attract and early cremation and shallow misconceptions. Mend the heart and let it dance to a new start.
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