Monday, January 28, 2013

Passive Revolution

I know that if I am strong I will teach myself to let go of it all. Let go of all that I am attached with that makes me believe in the person I was, who is far gone, damaged, bruised and dead (yet haunting at times in eerie thoughts and emotions). I thought I knew it all but I still know nothing of what is to be. There have been many adventures along the way, endless learning and some accidents leaving fading scars and a few artifacts.

Love only grows to become more when we leave open the door. What may come in is invited, what may leave can whip debris, but survive to appreciate life. Life will go on long after death, death will regenerate life again and again. Let what is not healthy die.

Resuscitate the beat of chest by raising breath with respect. Over and over, be aware of what is truly there. Exchange good thoughts and intentions for happiness without creating wear. Instead of holding on to others ideas, beliefs and actions manifest destiny in peace with karmic belief. Greatness is not achieved over night.
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