Saturday, July 14, 2012

Perseverance of Flow

Melodic moments. Memory burns misery. Over and over. Changes unchanged. Looming. Repetition of mistakes. Malleable. Dull of any common sense. Marked incomplete. Unable. Open wings clipped. Blue bird. Beauty's muse. Soaring low. Fearing high. Surpassed. Not knowing what is needed. What is wanted. Separation anxiety. Ugly anger. Snake. Greed. Seen differently within. No longer the savior is love. Isis. Pigeon flying in the wrong direction. Received. Fingers inside a familiar. Her innocence, Womb of gentle release. Lips swallowed whole. Full of breathless. By flesh meets flesh. Burn. Water moves still. Paradise. Illusion. Laughter. Frida. Awoken inside for a momentary endless ride. Praying. Without faith. Saved. Inspiration. Neglect. Haggard soul. Strong hands of compassion. Advice given. Never give up. Remember. Forgotten history. Licking away sin. Undeniable truth.
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