Thursday, February 23, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston- Through My Eyes

When I think of Whitney Houston, I think of the emotional rawness of her voice. Her voice in its prime really was something so powerful that it managed to stir emotions with sophistication. I remember being a child and first seeing her video of "You Give Good Love." There was something to sexy and sultry about her presence alongside such a pure vocal track. She was the first artist that was on repeat in the cars cassette player, my parents fans of her talent as well. This was the first musical bond we treated as a family.

With a catalogue of music that will stand the test of time as some of the most stunning singing ever, now her light has come to a dim here on earth, but as art does, her music lives on.

I have like many, been saddened by her passing at such an early age. Like many, I was really routing for her to get herself together. No other has ever touched me with a voice as she has. She was the reason that as girl, I dreamt of singing, and the reason why I began singing in my youth.

May the peace she could not find here earth, now be with her. May she be able to let go of the pain, misdirection, inability to love herself, and ability to respect her talents. While we shared her world, she was not able to be herself it seems.

Rumours about homosexuality, drugs, Bobby Brown; so many rumours. The only truth that matters is knowing that we watched as her star burnt out - her reasons why will remain silent. The world only sees what it wants to see, and it seems we derive joy from struggle and pain. But her voice lives on. I am confident that a woman who can sing like that understood love once. Thank you for showing that women of colour can make pop more beautiful.

Now you are free to sing to the angels that you so strongly believed in once. Hopefully you will now give yourself to those who love you without consumption.

To Bobbi-C, your Mom is always a light to guide you, don’t let people take away your choices, love yourself no matter what people say, stay in contact with grounded. Always love openly and do what you can to achieve your dreams.

Back to the music...

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