Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty's Muse

Over 2 years you have stood by my side. At least 100 days each year I have not been easy, plain or simple. I am over-emotional, I get stressed easily and as you know, I love without reservation and forget to reserve the copyright on my hearts stamp. When I am angry or moody I hide in my shell, only the irritating way a Cancer can. I dismiss you when you reach for me, trying to gently slip your firm hands to cover my my own. Sometimes I can be such a baby, but you never give up on me. Even if you take a moment to regroup the rope that will eventually pull me to my rescue.

You know I am my own worst enemy when I forget to let love rule rationally, or I am afraid of what I cannot control even with bright intentions. Sometimes I get so scared that I can't walk the straight line without you to to balance me out. You are the finest Corinthian columns bearing the weight of my crumbling yet steady palace.

Each moment spent without you I know you are carrying on, charming people while you create divine coffee over leisurely conversation. Oh and a smile that would inspire any master of beauty to praise Aphrodite and create with heightened madness for perfection.

You are a rare private trinket, the crowning gem of a priceless collection. Handcrafted with an uncompromising eye for details, each curve modeled on the fruitfulness of the true female form. So ripe, that you would make a chalice drip wine with envy.

Anyone who comes by you knows that you are special because in your chest you carry the heart of Midas. You are my very own mythical siren, washing away my tears and surrounding me with your eye for details. I only wish for you to unlock my key and have your blood rush through me.

You are as mighty as Aphrodite.
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