Monday, July 18, 2011


Friendship is a chance, and at times a risk. When we open ourselves up to knowing someone, one of the hardest challenges regardless of age, is having that someone leave. The end of a relationship of this kind could be for multiple reasons, whether you grow apart, or someone gets disappointed, one thing remains: people will come and people will go.

Over the years I have seen a few friendships naturally grow apart - those who were once close to me are no longer part of my everyday life. Of course I remain civil if we are in a mutual public space, and I would never wish ill to those I have known, even if they have disappointed me.

Now 30, I realize that I have gained coping skills I once lacked, I have better learned to accept that while someone may enter my life, there is no contract that binds them to remain at the status of friend until the end of time. I'd like to think that those I have grown apart from will still look at me with some find memories. Whether they perceive me as a "has-been" or chose to think of me from time-to-time, is really a choice.

This I know of myself though: I never forgot those who have touched me, no matter how misrepresented I may seem in their eyes, or how little they may regard me in the present.

I think friendship is a testament to adaptation over the course of a lifetime, and even thought we meet great people through the years, only a very small  few of these individuals will remain true companions through it all.
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