Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Days of Yesterday

Remember me? I was the one who held your hand and encouraged you to grow the wings to fly away from this misery. I remember when you were just a lost child with no direction, reason or sense of time. Just by looking into your eyes I could see the hope you possessed to get past all the impediments that kept you captive in this complacency. Not having a good father, not having enough money to stop struggling and wondering how to get to all the places in the world that inspired you to reach higher to learn more. I knew from the moment that I saw you, you were someone special. Now I see you and I wonder if the spark is still inside, have you faded and become a dimmed light? Then I remember the un-savaged mind that found beauty in everything, even in the darkest times - how by helping you, in turn you helped me to be a better teacher, friend and woman. You taught me what love is in it's greatest form: kindness and modest pride - to feel good inside. To strive to seek the adventure of my own dreams, much like you continue to seek yours. I have found my strength because of you.
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