Monday, September 6, 2010

Camera Obscura

I have a glow because I believe you can save me. I think that you were sent to me, and I am open to welcome your influence on me. Hazy, inhale me and smoke me like a sizzling joint. Let my lips burn the tips of you fingertips as I whisper love and you see that I am swallowed by you to be a fleshy peach. Push between your thighs, open the magic door to heat.

To have me, to hold me, I have never loved you more. I bask at the site of knowing that you love me too. When you look at me you really see who I am.

Like a picture that stands still, as the camera flashes the frame. Every time I think of beauty I see your name, each time I exhale my breath I feel you move me through me - my veins, my blood, my ebbs and my flows. With you by my side I am present and it is a gift.

Never go away, I love you.
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