Monday, August 30, 2010

Queen of Hearts

Love is a most interesting energy. It seems the more often we allow love into our lives with surrender, the more powerful it grows as a source of power and enlightenment in our lives.

If you would have asked me after my first break-up if I knew what love was, I would have said yes. The break-up pain I experienced, I remember as if it were yesterday - I felt like an injured soldier waiting in the trenches for death to come and take her away.

In retrospect, I now realize that as wisdom grows with age, so does our capacity to love. The more we are shown love in kindness, the more we can love others. When we are mature and experienced enough to really understand the commitment and work it takes to make a partnership last, all of a sudden we come to terms with understanding that love does not work within the realm of control.

Instead, love is gentle and free, she may come and she may go. She can be wicked and she can be a source of nutrition for your soul. Through it all one thing remains true: after we really can value love for what it is - a devotion towards caring for someone other than ourselves, a commitment to ride through the rough patches and always gain the strength to reach the sky again. Feeling each breath fill and circulate in the width of our chests, we can never be the same again.

Love be a lady tonight.
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