Thursday, June 17, 2010


The days seemed to move slower than before. Her butterflies flew into the garden full of willow trees where the scent lingered of moments that had past her by, an echo of remembering spontaneous laughter and whispers that professed love and endless desire. Though she tried to feel relaxed, something felt like a scorpion in her tummy, groping her intestines and slowly making way into her chest. She knew that something was just not right, but she also remembered that she held the most beautiful white pearl in the world in her care. Tempers flared like nostril, moments that seemed fine soon ended up taken over by the word "sorry." It hurt inside and venom that spun from the sting of the scorpion inside made her mutter: "I am now powerless. I have nothing left to say. I love you but simply don't feel happy this way. Here I bend over and lay."
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