Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Precious Pussycat

Sometimes I worry. I look at the way that things are around me and it makes me realize that nothing is perfect. I can't keep all those who I want to keep safe, safe, nor can I offer them immortal life and eternal health.

When I realize that peace is sometimes in a state of flux, I withdraw into deep breath; I have to remind myself that everything is gonna be alright. I guess that all I do have is hope.

I clip her nails and I notice her little grey lip is sore. I wonder why I haven't noticed it before. Cats need love and care too. We all need love and care.

I love her more than I imagine I could love a creature that is not human. She has been my best friend for years, she has stuck by me through my changes in tide and direction. I can always depend on her to look at me with her kind eyes and show the such gratitude for the most simple things, like fishy food and clean water.

When I found her she was just skin and bones, now she is under my skin and I feel her in my bones. She is my daughter, she is my darling.

When she rolls over on her back I roll her around like a sausage in the pan, she purrs with sweet delight and I understand in that moment how strong our bond has grown. She has touched my life in ways she will never know. I am proud to have her as part of our home.

Mama loves you Grey Goose.

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