Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Hike

Miles and miles are traveled over a lifetime. Miles and miles are never seen. The powdered snow leads a path into the forest, astray from the noise of the city, open to natures arms. The silence holds still and all that is heard is the sound of rustling leaves and footsteps that tread forward with curiosity. I manage to walk with more freedom in my conviction, the air is as fresh as the spring rain caressing the tips of an orange gerber flower opening her smile to reach towards the sun. Here I have come to escape, here I have come to escape the movements of shadows that hustle down common, dirty streets, streetcars passing by with no regard for who they carry. A moment of meditation catches me when I feel exhilarated by the climbs that steps ahead of me. I am tired, my feet are sore but she keeps pushing me to go forward without looking back. I slide over my sunglasses and I am instantly blinded by the sharpness of the suns rays that bounce off the untouched snow. This is not the moment to feel anything, instead it is an opportunity to marvel at all the living nature that feels alive itself. Sometimes I forget to cherish all the beauty that exists without needing to be stroked or raised. The resiliency of this iron solitude shows the wisdom that is held in the branches of each tree, the truth that is open to the sky by each blade of grass. Red, purple, green, white and blue. We may describe our sentiments in colour and in creationism colours really do exist as true. I look up and watch the trees as they sway with mood, the unevenness of the hills that lay ahead and remain uncompromisingly smooth. I find myself drifting in and out of my body, it is not the time to feel tired now. She has welcomed me to walk through her glory and across her chest. She has asked me to remember the eternity of life and its ability to water our minds. I am tired but I feel alive. The sweat that drips down my brow, I feel the shortness of breath that gasps in my throat with me. I take away with me the silence of her call even on the loudest of days.
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