Friday, March 12, 2010

14 Minutes

This wasn’t the time to dick around. “I want you to fuck me go good,” she said. I planned on it. I had sat there all day in my own wetness, with thoughts of her hot yoga body pressed all against my breathing skin. I had fantasized of her on top of me, her stomach erect towards the ceiling and her beautiful pink breast bouncing from side to side. I would glimpse to the side to see her tattooed leg and that would make me even more in the zone. She says to me “feel how wet I am,” and I let her slide my hand down her thighs and I know when I have hit the wetland of her call. She is soaking, she is dripping. She moans to me, “this is what you do to me.” I reply, “oh god.” I growl and I feel such an cannibalistic urge to want to pound her pussy and have her cream all over my hand, swallow her whole. I slip one finger into her, spreading her voluptuous vagina lips and the warmness quickly causes me to want more. More feel, more motion, I wanna taste her all over my face. “You do me so good, ya baby,” she mumbles as I watch her beautiful stomach pace in and out. I breathe in her scent, it smells like raw sex. “I wanna eat you,” she says, but I refuse. I wanna please her, she is pleasing me by just laying there with her beautiful body unveiled to my pressing desires. I can feel the moisture tipping my clit as I slide in and out of her glorious insides. I can’t take it anymore, I flip her on to her back, if I am gonna fuck her, I am gonna do it deeply and softly, just like she wants it. I hear her say my name and I tense my back into an arch, I know she likes seeing my big tits dance across her chest. I work her up a little more before it is time to go down, down to the place where all life begins, down to the place where I drink the substance that retains life in all my functions. I giggle, she looks up. “Now,” I tell her, “I am going to make you cum like a bitch.” 14 minutes later my promise is realized with her beautiful release and the words “baby I love you so much.”
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