Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soul Scribe

Do you see me for what I really am? I am the tallest mountain to the clearest, purple sky. I will make tender love to you endlessly when you crave affection, it will be my pleasure to give you all of my sweet attention. Come rest beside me at night while the moons smiles upon us and we tuck in tight. Our flame can last for an eternity if you allow yourself to be free to me, succumb to my love spell without hesitation or redundant contemplation of selfish negativity. I will never fail you because I am your hero, I am your friend, I am your teacher, I am your support, I am your lover. I am beauty with no foreseeable end. Rise beside me when the sun caresses our skin with the purity of its rays, look into my eyes to see my soul bare truth. I have come as your saviour to lead you towards all that I believe: love is everything and everything is love.
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