Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The way I have fallen for you is tender. Over the nights of sleeping beside you I have slowly grown to want this wonderful to be constant reality between you and me. I can smell you on my pillow - I can breathe you in my air long after you are gone. I want to keep you tucked beside me, allow your sensual lips to become the sensor to detect my endless limbs lustful longings. You are my spotless minds submittal for poetic conditioning. I want to wake-up as often as I can beside you and say how much I love you, that I want to cherish you for the woman you are and the woman you are yet to become. The way I want your womanhood is without limitations.

Travelling through my lovestream in speedy desire I want you to take control of my body’s functions towards self-actualization. When you have your tongue in me I can’t help but believe in God, for I feel out of my body, possessed by some sort of ecstasy that is beyond simple mortality. Your body naked against mine, so strong and agile makes me feel safe beside you. I tremble from the thought of you wanting me the way you do, I have fallen so softly into you. The tone of your sweet voice is calming and pure - the touch of your creamy skin sends intoxicating shivers through my soul. I am happily drunk on you.

Not only am I your lover but your admirer. I respectfully envy your creativity and marvel at the thought that I may inspire you in your expressions. You have forever touched me; I forever want to touch you. Won’t you come lay beside me and we can listen to the wind blow the snow and I’ll keep you warm with foolishness and laughter? After we can think about what it is that we can do together, tell each other that we don’t need but want one another.
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