Saturday, November 21, 2009


There is something calm about the way she moves me. Perhaps when she sits still in an instant with me somehow it manages to soothe me. Every stolen moment we get together thrills me. I feel unafraid when I am around her because she reminds me beauty is pure as blood intoxicating wine. I call her divine inspiration, the kindness of celestial gratification. At moments she hesitates with me but you see I am not willing to let that be the reason why she walks away from me. I know she is beginning to feel me.

She is kind without giving it a thought. When I hold her hand, even if for a brief moment, it rises my panting in momentum to reach out and touch her, smell her aroma sweet and soft with my own small hands. I can smell her everywhere I go, strongly especially when I think of making love to her with the calmness of the rain dripping from our bodies, then echoing off the window pane. Special, that is what she is and I am going to be the one to let her know. She touches me so gently and I can’t resist craving her more and more.
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