Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parul Pandya's Letter of Absence

I almost DIED when my good friend Craig sent me this. I was complaining that I did not want to work and he said he would write me a letter....

Please excuse Parul Pandya from work. She's a member of The Eager Beaver Society of Upper Canada. She's actually one badge away from earning her slut status. She's been in training for over a year now after taking a long break to heal from a violent chewing accident that involved dentures and labia. We're so proud of Parul and extend an invite to all of her co-workers to watch Parul build on her dam (dental dam) skills. After Parul masters this trait she'll be qualified to do outreach work to lesbians throughout the North American Penal system, yes we're recognized in the US as well! Please join Parul in marking this achievement! Any questions, feel free to contact our Lead Beaver at Eager Beavers of Canada, Muffy.
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