Saturday, October 10, 2009


I don't wanna come down from my discoball. When I groove you move your hips in a funky motion. Baby I'm into you. I sink and you float my move. You open up free when you dance for me. I'm in a trance watching you steal my heart. Knock me with your best shot, god I want you too. Motion that we're gonna make it happen when our energies get together.

Rush, put your hands around me. I can't express every inch of you smelling like my desire, red like blood licked in ecstasy. Come closer. Close your eyes. I wanna be inside you. Move with me. Throb with me slowly. I wanna look into your eyes and see how you want me. Feel me drip sweat because of you. I just wanna touch myself when I think of you. I can't just get you outta my head, like Kylie says.
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