Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada

Privilege is often taken for granted, the ones we cannot see fall from our vantage. We celebrate freedoms bells, yet so many are left in captivity without ever escaping the scolding neglect that maintains a state of hell outside the dampening shield of our country's safe spell. Our home and native land is a cradle that rocks us sound asleep, we are lucky to be free. Now it is time for us to raise our hands towards a universal freedom that is sustainable and true. I am a Messenger and my divine right is that of a moral with a tale to tell, of growing-up in a place that allowed me to be myself.

Fear not that which you lose, fear that which was given to you as an advantage of gain and you let slip away for fear of helping the world to change. Joy is fictitious if it causes another pain. We are free to open our mouth and clap our hands when we are offended in our nation. When we wish to celebrate we march in masses, we drink wine and dine, yet globally somehow mostly fluctuating politics resounds with little actual progress towards making the world, our world a better place. I don’t take my privilege for granted because I am not afraid of what the outside has made me on the inside-it has not and shall not break the heart of me.

I would rather be lonely with my thoughts than surrounded by distorted fake smiles that pat my ego and tell me that I am beautiful like everyone else. I will always cry when I see a baby die on the news, or a mothers pain linger from abuse. People are disadvantaged because of the greed that most of the world has encouraged with no sense of shame. My fellow Canadians, it is time for change!

Give someone foreign a sliver of hope for a brighter day, volunteer, contribute even if you can't sit beside someone and help them physically lay a burden down. Compassion is still a way to show eachother we are all one in the same.

We are free today in Canada, we are open towards finding our way through the endless roads of rural landscapes, sliding up the mountain caps full of snow. Be proud to be Canadian but also be proud to be a human like everyone else. We don't deserve any better than our neighbouring nations but we do have it better. We are lucky that we have a country that cares for us, so let us now show the world that we care for them.

Without religion, I say amen.
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