Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Global Singularity

Linking our hands apart, when I look back to ask for help I realize that you have let me go. Falling from a state of grace, I seek for you to lift my abandoned faith and instead I sink into purgatory’s tormenting disgrace. When I cry for mercy all I can hear is the echo of my own pain. Why don’t you care for me when all I do is try and love with humility? Do I ask for more than I deserve or embrace with greed as my fatalistic seduction? Through the seed of my growth I fight to find stillness with the hope that someday peace will come along. I wish you could give me little peace of mind, notice me malnourished, parched and broken on the sidewalks like rubbish in a stale slum.
When I was hungry you did not feed me from the plate before you that was ripened red and abundant with greens. When I was thirsty you did not share from your white river, instead you claimed it as your source of black flow. Why did you not care for me when I needed you, when I begged you to help me? Did you not see that I had been brought in shame to bend down on my knees and plead for humanity?
When will this suffering ever end, or will the world refuse to see that I bow down and ask for amends from this hideous pain?
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