Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What is it that drives people to pursue a certain path? Do we choose where we want to go or do we go where we are needed? It is of no mystery that our world consists of unrest for many reason. The cries of injustice ring for an array of pleads, change is the only binding voice oceans apart.
I urge you to say what you want with such clarity that there is no room for misinterpretation to an ear that is listening. Listen up.
Missiles in Indian and North Korean skies are equally in blame for irresponsibility to the world, but our hesitations to say enough concerns me even more. How can you blame someone when you're all guilty of not caring enough? Why wait, stop what hurts now, isn't that logic? Don't tell me it's a delicate situation--so is a body under siege. The Middle East is a great antique culture based on marvelous ambition and experimenting to understand human function, like all memorable cultures. Innocents are always attacked by slothful greed and cybernetic internal strife amongst the privileged.
Fanatical justification of careless actions is a messy global aftermath. This is how far we have let it get. Why do we have bodies of government, people with words, eyes, a cause to claim that we are a human race if we don't act like humans ourselves? I know there has been the most gruesome torture and suffering on our skin left by our own blackening marks.
Take action to follow hope. Move forward knowing that you have a reason why. March to the beat before it hits the drum. Don't give up it's time to fight for the right reasons.
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