Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Week in Review; Scene to Obscene

What a wonderful week I have had!!!!!
I have always thought that life is one peculiar journey--you never know what the universe has is store for you until it arrives.

I have recently started a new position at the Harbourfront Centre, as a Programming Assistant. I will be involved in making 4 festivals happen this summer season in Toronto; Beats, Breaks and Cultures, Canadian Voices, Island Soul and finally, the Hot and Spicy Festival. I am so very excited, the Habrourfront Centre is a hub for artists working to support other artists. So come out and play and check out the schedule for this season here.

So from culture, my week ended with fashion. As you will see if you have been keeping up, I have been writing for a new online mag called Paper Doll Girl. What adventures in fashionland this has led a fashionista like me to over the past weeks! A few weeks ago I covered Mass Exodus: Chiarcoscuro at Ryerson University (a review of the show can be found on PDG), and it was soooo creative and inspirational. Yesterday my next conquest of fashiondom was FAT (Toronto Alternate Fashion and Arts Week) which was held in the Distillery District.

With the theme of "BEYOND" as the guiding principle, the night was full of some weird and wildly abstract depictions of the future of fashion. Again, for my full review check the PDG website in the next couple days. This was one of the most unique experiences I have had when it comes to fashion/art shows!

Finally I ended the night with late night bevie at on Church Street at Byzantium. What I saw I was not prepared for. I mean it really takes a lot to phase me, but yesterday I was stunned. I was enjoying a drink sitting and chatting with a friend when I looked over and saw some dude pulling his pants down, the guy beside him then proceeded to pull his dick out. Yes no lie. I saw full-on bareback anal...I...ya...WTF?!!! I mean as a queer I have seen many things, but this was just a CRYYYME! The guy fully got his ass pounded in a corner of a club is fullsight of everyone. No class for the desperate of ass?

It gets better/worse. I swear at this point I was trying not to look but I couldn't help myself! The dude that had his dick up the other dudes ass then sucked that very same dick!!! Yes, yes y'all, for real. A few seconds later a security guard flashed them with light and they were told to pull up their pants and leave. I am aware that there were many people at Byzantium on drugs, drugs, drugs,(yes they wear their sunglasses at night) but this was ever so shady!! Harmless Etards don't scare me, however unprotected bareback sex in plain sight does.

So from culture to fashion to trashing...that is my week in review. Can you beat it?!
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