Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evolution to Change

She never knew where she was going, but she knew that she didn't want to stay in the familiarity anymore. The things she loves, had loved and would always love she carried with her everywhere she went. Similar to how one carries good luck charms in his/her pocket, or around his/her neck. Closely with these experiences against the burn of her skin she walked on with what she knew now. Redundancy had grown indifferent with her evolution to change, her search for herself...for more than what she had settled for in the past. More than what she had unleashed in creativity to express herself, release herself openly. She knew the only way to be free was to never give up on the misunderstandings, the mishaps, the miseducations and misery; they had all brought her closet to a state of grace within her own search for fulfilling her destiny. Moments, people, happiness within any given instant had come and gone. She was here to stay.
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