Saturday, January 10, 2009

Open Heart

She couldn’t resist the itch of her.
She had gotten so far into her without ever even touching her.
The rise of her thoughts fell into a crevice between her thighs. Dripping with sensation and anticipation, she stirred with heat, and felt her in the cool of the water she wore.
She knew that in her she had discovered such a complex beauty, a searcher just like herself. She just could not stop the craving to know more about her. She put her fear aside and decided to try.

She was shy at first, for how would someone so beautiful even notice a simple woman like her. As time passed, it seemed so did her craving for more, to learn more, to hear more, to write more, to touch her more. To really touch her. She imagined how it could be if the two were to be as one. She found herself in crowded rooms, full of many people and laughter, and friends, but all she could think about was her.

Her chocolate skin, her sexiness, her confidence aside, what she was truly craving for was her beautiful mind. Her impenetrable eyes, the way they lit up inside and outside. She was not afraid anymore, she knew what she wanted and nothing less or more. Could it be possible to love a stranger without ever even knowing her? She was the one who had opened the door for her.
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