Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ostentatious Piety

The swollen fist. Embrace for impact in the beat of chest.
The red of her gasoline lips. The highway that can only go forward nowhere.
I am a friend. The pillows sink the clouds of distress.
Aphrodite’s satin seashell. A glimpse into the past comings goings.
When now? Thunder strikes at the most inconvenient time.
The glasses are on the bridge of her nose. Purple haze coloured exhale.
Talking, talking, silence, silence, echoes.
Fake it. Broken dreams. Open to change. Cum.
Gone alone to discover what is not seen. Freak of nature.
Gyrating the hips of conclusion. Bleeding love.
Post the mail. Adornment of ghostly grace.
Spaces between the clapping of hands. Burning blue.
Gazing upon you like Petrarch did Laura.
Disco inferno. Stillness of heart.
Communicate. Undeliverable.
Abrasive emotions. The sailor lost at sea.
Gloved hands. Burned palms.
Open cage. Praying through perfection.
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