Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Friend...

It takes more strength to love and let go, than to hate and hold on to something that is no longer yours to hold. In compassion you can find peace, in frigidness you can only grow cold. I have learned that I wish to inspire others, encourage others to realize their own self-worth, to seek their place in the midst of this confusion-that causes us to be eluded from seeking what it is that we are all here to find. Unconditional love. Love of you, and love of me. Loving ourselves for being who it is that we be. Don’t be afraid to cry, I will always be here to dry your eyes. I will be the friend you can depend on the most desperate of days, I will cover you with the love that runs through my veins, shield you from anything that can inflict pain. I will never hurt you intentionally; I will never deceive you maliciously. I wish only that I could make you see, the beauty that lays within you. You smile and my heart is set adrift, you move and I feel as though I have been moved like a prayer that comes from the deepest of devotion. You are beautiful. I ask that you never forget how beautiful you really are. Tomorrow will be a brighter day.
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