Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Circa: Toronto's New Nightlife HOT SPOT!

"CiRCA is a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue and nightclub created by New York City nightlife luminary Peter Gatien in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District. Located inside the Festival Hall Entertainment Complex at the corner of King and John, the four-story, 55,000 square foot state-of-the-art space is an arts, music, entertainment, and fashion event-space unlike anything else in the world.

The multi-tiered space features a unique collection of facilities including large art and product display areas, multiple live event spaces and large main stage, a film screening room (SKYY Cinema Lounge), a recording studio (due to be completed in December 2007), in-house food-preparation and catering facilities, and a full range of concierge service and amenities. On weekends CiRCA operates as a nightclub playing host to regular music and performance driven events featuring world class DJs and artists, while the rest of the week the venue hosts a rich itinerary of corporate and cultural events. "

Source: www.circatoronto.com

Hells yeah! This place is freaking crazy. The creators of this club, defiantly did not spare any pocket change for this unique environment. Yes, I know. You and I both hate clubbing in the club district of Mother Toronto. The annoying line-ups, the women is skirts that neither, flatter them, or make them look attractive. But I assure you, this club is worth checking out--especially for a big party!

Sunglasses ready?

Yes, the club is terribly over-crowded. But with several rooms to visit, each with its own DJ...it makes it quite an eclectic night! Like a music buffet, if you will dahlin!

I checked out Mark Farina, spinnin' house music all night long, on Sunday. Defiantly one cool experience. He spun a tight set and rammed the room like a gay mans ready asshole.

Good company, LOTS of vodka/red bull (oops!!) and dancing until I was sweating through my clothes. Great night.

I recommend checking out Circa. It is not somewhere you should go regularly, or even can afford to go to regularly (yes, drinks are expensive!). But for atmospheric eye candy (great sculptures, cool art, amazing lighting and sound system), this is the place to go for a fun night out with the peeps!

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