Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Review: Evil Dead: The Musical

On Friday, July 14th, I was invited my lovely friend Jen, to go see "Evil Dead: The Musical." I had never seen the film, an obvious 80's cult classic, but I was very excited about seeing this sort of genre turn into a live production, let alone a musical! Based on Sam Raimi’s 80s cult-classic horror films, "Evil Dead: The Musical," unearths the old familiar story: boy and friends take a weekend getaway at abandoned cabin, boy expects to get lucky, boy unleashes ancient evil spirit, friends turn into Candarian Demons, boy fights until dawn to survive. The tree even come to life--everything is alive!

The show began promptly at 11pm. The crowd was full of metal heads, people with ZZ Top beards, and a few scattered ethnic faces. Me and my yellow friend are damn diverse in this crowd.

The production was a plan old GOOD TIME! Unlike anything I had seen before. Complete with a splatter zone, in which blood would splatter all over the on-lookers when severing of body parts and shooting took place! So freaking cool! If you like gore, a great sense of humour in dark comedy, plain old zombie slaughter, white people acting a fool and some yummy vulgarity--this show is a definite must for you.

The crowd was so pumped. It was absolutely amazing to see the audience reactions to the happenings on stage. As long as there was slaughter to be seen, people kept the drinks flowing. The acting was intelligent, movements well thought out to match the character personalities. A really impressive production. Props to the young lady who plays the leads characters sister...she was one hell of a great performer. Every time she busted out of the attic door, I could not help but smile and clap like a child!

Just when you thought that you had been entertained to your hearts delight, the show also ends with a fun zombie dance number! Fun, fun fun! Incorporating many trendy dance moves into the sequence, including the good ol'robot!

So if you like gore, dark humour, action, mystery and overall, a show with great entertainment value, go see this production.

Until Sep 8, 2007
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