Thursday, December 1, 2016

Psyche Mirrored Escape Room 81

They treat us like we are numbers.
If they don’t like the way we look, the way we feel, what we deserve, what we occupy, views
They like to turn their backs and report us to terrorist authorities who claim an imitation and privileged sense of justice, caring little for equal opportunities and more about attaining power for the greedy few with a limited palette for the truth, sharing, being kind and decent human beings, just being that way
Don't turn off the lights, but see they lurk  like cowards with propaganda to disenfranchise us from finding purpose
Mental health is mental wealth.
All while we are trying to find footing and balance in a world that can seem so out of control 
How many tears need not be shed from tragedies that were social responsibility?
The root of excess and striving to be an illusion, not encouraging us, not even seeing us
I use to think it was harsh to think, but I can’t deny the way I see such an difference for any conviction
We treat each other over the course of what we claim as evolution, without really asking  what we need, our hopes, and it puzzles me
Why don't people with instinct send up for the elder on the subway? 
Why does everyone look like they are running to and from themselves? 
Such a confusion of slow and fast moments, not knowing what's next, but swearing to have some flex to stay on top of the world
No reason holding on to a dream that's gone
Running, running, everyone has somewhere to go, but are the lights on, is anyone home?
Some days I just feel fed-up

I wonder how to maintain purpose, but I never lose my core
I gain motivation knowing the stories I have been told and I have to tell myself
Keeping the motion of the words I find with me, planning my great escapes with imagination as a visualization of the world I can see us all doing better in. 

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