Thursday, August 7, 2014

DNA & Destiny

What makes way is not a coincidence if you fulfill your journey. Signals will indicate when you are off the path, but it is up to you interrupt the messages. Spiritual suspension comes when you realize that nothing can take away the call of your natural drive - it comes without effort, like the roar from a lioness when she protects her cubs from danger. Even without sight, walk through the shadows of the night keeping in mind that knowledge is revealed through moonlight. 

You are a little piece of imperfection built to thrive. You are beautiful in joy and sadness, in bliss and defeat. No matter how many times you fall, you climb back on top. Imagine that you could reach what is truly meant to be for you - how rare would that be in this society? 

You do not need to teach a cat to purr, she just knows how. You do not need to seek happiness, it lives in you when you release all the tension and stress and leave hard work and karma to the rest.
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