Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Healthier Option

I am no longer am searching for who I was before. The coffin has been sealed and cremated too many times before. I will never look at the measure of my happiness as a possession or affection. I will instead value the moment and accept the magic of my imperfection. You see, I have noticed how much time we place in to being successful and achieving dreams, but once I, like many others, have reached that plateau, it doesn't seem as thrilling as before. It is not that I do not want to strive to create a more comfortable life, it's just that it's not all that matters anymore. I would like my expectations to be much simpler, like they seemed many years ago. What matter most is my health, not anything less or more. Wellness is a true indication of success and achievement, I couldn't see that clearly before. I am searching for ways to honour this new path, but it's not simple, you know? Old routines are hard to break and what I thought of as valuable doesn't permit for my survival anymore.  It's time to seek an alternative approach to how much time I spend accomplishing the new goals I have in-store.
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