Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Chance of a Lifetime

What I saw, I never saw coming. What came, I slowly began to conquer. I know that everyone knows that it has not been easy for me, but the transformation that I have been through, the disappointments that felt dire and unwelcome, have in fact been a blessings in disguise. If it was not for all those negative emotions, I would have not been forced to rise beyond the expectations I once had. I had so many illusions, I was afraid to live my life for myself, I was scared of being alone. I cared too much for control. I thought I was incomplete without someone to share my life with in stability. You see, I am now in it for me, no one else but me. Not that I don't care deeply about those I love and respect, but I have learned to honour myself best. They say no regrets, and that's right, I have no regrets. But I wish I was more awake in the past to the people and situations that I was inviting to restrict me from uncovering myself. I guess I have yet to learn patience to be my powerful best.

All will come. All has come. What is left is a test, to what resides within my chest beyond the surface of my breasts. I have learned to look inwards and this now suits me much better then the past, which at times remains a confusing mess. What I see is an opportunity to change into a stronger, better rounded version of
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