Saturday, March 16, 2013

Don't Look Back in Anger

My love, do you remember me? I remember you everyday. While I have stopped crying uncontrollably and let go of the illusion that we were meant to be forever more, I can't help but remember just how much I adored you when we shared our lives together. I admit, things were never perfect - but they sure as hell seemed ok. I know you had to go, I had to grow, but I often wonder if you ever think of me or miss me at all. I can still see your beautiful face and I smile when I think of the love we made.

Weeping Woman, Picasso (1937)
You see, I wrote you a letter when you walked out the door, though it was mostly emotional and came from such destitute from weeping, I know one thing for sure. I will never stop cherishing what we had together, the way you looked at me when you still envisioned our life together. The site of your body naked and craving to taste you more and more.

I know that nothing lasts forever, perhaps you were the braver one to walk away when things were beginning to seem unhealthier then before. I wish you would have given me the chance to talk to you before you decided I didn't belong in your life anymore. I thought you were my best friend, but instead you acted more like an enemy and threw my heart to the floor. I promise you, I apologize that I was not mature enough to allow to be independent, that I relied on you and forgot myself. I think you would be proud of me if you saw how much I have grown. I never will wish harm upon you, instead I wish you find what it is your are looking for.
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