Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Honestly Me

Gimme, gimme seems to get. It doesn’t seem like you have learn your manners yet. Though you may feel that you are succeeding in your life, have you been beneficial in growing past your own challenges? If each day you remember moments as an abundant flow of feeling love and kindness, you will break free from mundane captivity.

Day after day. Running for the streetcar, pushing paper, pushing a smile. Happiness can only be measured by the width of your actions – how they extend to envelop those that are in contact with you.

Make a difference by deciding to be different. No longer the girl who follows commands with such pinpoint precision, or that doesn’t speak up when she has a marvelous thought to share. Today you are a new woman, free from any burden that seeks to eliminate you from being at peace with truthfully.
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